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Dev Technosys is the global Shangri-La of Android app development where you can hire android developer with 5-6 years of experience of serving various alcoves of industries.

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An Android Application Development that entails universal user engagement

Dev Technosys believes in blending your ideas with powerful and dependable technologies to create a robust technical solution. Find out-of-the-box and reliable Android App Development Solutions that help you in steering your enterprise to the top of your industrial regimes while creating an unparalleled reputation in terms of UX/UI, outstanding features that makes you stand apart from competition.

Innovative Android App Development Services

We are a class-winning Android Application Development Company with an extensive experience and knowledge of working on modern and classic technologies to create breakthrough android development solutions for complex to complex business challenges.

An enterprise as unique as yours, deserves something never seen before. With our in-depth knowledge of your industry specific needs, we help you cherry-pick unique features that helps you outperform your competition while creating a loyal user base throughout a business lifecycle.

Managing an enterprise has never been easier before, we help you churn business automation for your enterprise while improving your business communication with clients and end-users by ten folds. Not just that we help you in easily accessing business data while helping you secure it, managing it, and scaling it.

We are highly experienced in creating bewitching gaming applications for Android devices both smartphones and tablets. Find an expert fleet of game developers and graphic designers that help you in creating unparalleled gaming experience on your applications with modern integrations such as AR and VR.

We help you create secure networking applications with functionalities and features such as easy image uploads, filters, search, video and music integration and much more. Our social media app development ensures modern and robust user interface.

We help you get customized ecommerce development which entails customized themes, customized plug-ins, a customized store management system, shopping cart development, powerful features, inventory management system and much more.

Not just secure, rather our app cloud integration is highly scalable and dependable. We work on modern day technology that ensures better data management system for your Android Mobile and tablet applications while also securing data for wearable apps and devices.

Our recent work of Art

A window to look beyond conventional web and mobile app development!

  • Lank Listing
    Lank Logo

    A Digital platform for car rental agencies and individuals car owners to rent out cars on an hourly basis. The customer is liable to hire any car rental company for rental purposes without signing any...

  • Pfizer Travel listing
    Pfizer Travel Logo

    Travel SMART is the app that makes choices to maximize productivity, improve convenience and reduce costs. It manages costs to optimize value with security and duty of care....

  • Bumie Listing
    Bumie Logo

    Buymie is an Ireland based on-demand grocery app which allows you to make order goods from a selection of local stores and have them delivered by a personal shopper in as little as 1 Hour...

  • Handy listing
    Handy logo

    Handy is the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals. From home cleaning to handyman services, Handy...

  • MyWindFit listing
    MyWindFit logo

    It is a healthcare website and iOS/Android Mobile application with E-commerce capabilities. It uses a hardware device to connect with application via Bluetooth and calculate loss of calories, with wea...

  • SideJobSter listing
     SideJobSter logo

    SideJobster is a real estate online marketplace which allows homeowners to connect with contractors for construction services. This iOS/Android mobile application is a platform administered within a w...

GPS Integration

GPS Integration in your Apps makes you apps look a lot smarter as it allows your app to predict user activities, give-out suggestions, perform actions in background and lot more.

BLE Integration

Bluetooth Low Energy Integration helps you provided a more connected experience to your app users while consuming significantly low energy, while not compromising the app user experience.

Custom API Integration

Custom API integration provides amazing functionality to app users while being invisible to them. Custom API Integration thus helps you in creating out-of-the-box and highly customized app experiences.

Third Party App Integration

To make things happen a lot smoother and app run seamlessly, multiple 3rd party integrations are done in an application which provides partial access and manipulation of data on your apps while enhancing an apps functionality enormously.

Audio/ Video Live Streaming

Considering to build a Social networking or music app, an audio/video live streaming feature is a must have. Allow Dev Technosys to help you in the quest while providing you great technical assistance.

mBaaS Integration

mBaaS a considerably new technology for others and our speciality is a way we reduce android app development time on your applications. With expert mBaaS integration we are able to bridge multiple web and mobile backend to access cloud storages, push notifications etc., via unified API and SDk.

Wearable Integration

Wearable integration however complex it may sound is one of Dev Tech’s zone of expertise where we enable your mobile applications to integrate on various wearable devices and provide a more colossal app experience to your end-users.

MDN Integration

MDN Integration is a unique solution coming from trusted name like Mozilla, it is identity integration for Apps which provides seamless access to apps on Fire Fox Marketplace and easy app access.

Payment Gateway Integration

Be it in-app purchases or ecommerce/ m-commerce you are bound to provide payment gateways, in many ways multiple payment gateways helps in enhancing a user experience while effectively reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.

XMPP Chat Server Integration

XMPP or Jabber, helps in establishing a secure and powerful chat server or communication protocol for message exchange, provided real-time exchange of structured and extensible data between multiple network entities.

Porting and Migration

Migrating and porting your apps from one platform to another can be hectic at any other company but at Dev Technosys. Here, you will find end-to-end assistance and extensive platform expertise which makes your migration journey less bouncy.

Beacon Integration

Beacon Integration helps you enhancing user experience to ten-folds and is especially a gift in retail businesses. It providing customized push notifications while giving your customers a tour to your large stores, encouraging better shopping experience.

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