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We help you discover new ways of making learning more effective and accessible. Find expertly crafted education and eLearning solutions that can help you be every student’s best friend while helping you provide unimagined solutions for loop holes. At Dev Technosys we help you get endless solutions that provide you great opportunities in education sector. Solutions like web, mobile and software development are rendered here with technologies such as IoT, AI, AR/VR and much more. Furthermore we help you get a stronger infrastructure by aligning effective technologies that make your management much easier and execution smoother. From remote learning, mobile learning, management services find every possible tech solution for your every need.

Challenges and Opportunities

Being one of the most noble and important professions of all, from the start of the whole system, there has been an urge to discover new ways to make learning much easier and better and more effective. However, there are more obstacles then solutions and there is only a small percentage of problems address. But are they really challenges? With a little knowledge, insight we might be able to convert challenges into opportunities, but before that a precise study for your better understanding.


Creating a catchy and user centric solution is a challenge, to keep students engaged with the whole process of learning is hard as olden ways make education no fun rather burdensome.

Revenue Generation

e-Learning, distance learning, remote learning, mobile learning are not promoted and marketed as they should be and thus are not able to make an impact, result: lesser investments and revenues.

Demography is a challenge

Technology in third world countries is still something that is a luxury. Apart from urban and semi –urban areas education is an opulence and less likely to be used.

Lack of Communication

Group learning leads to evolution of a student and can lead to more productivity and creative solutions. eLearning however doesn’t act on that fundamental and thus isolate a student.


It is makes education more convenient and accessible as it makes education be availed to people on their personal and customized conditions, plus there are multiple subjects available.


Technology has an inspiring essence to it, and thus by being a part of the technology and its process is inspiring. Furthermore it allows people to be creative and innovative while being more impactful with audios and videos.

Proper attention

A student is able to get the deserved attention and thus eLearning can help you make a student’s learning experience much personalized as a result much more productive and impactful learning.

Cost Effective

Not only it is efficient in every sense it is highly cost effective. It reduces the cost of learning and also cuts down the cost of infrastructure such as classroom setup, study material. Plus it is environment friendly.

How DevTechnosys delivers Business Value?

We help you get value for money IT solutions that work efficiently in creating high-business value for your enterprise. Not only are our solutions highly efficient in improving your work performance but are globally famous to serve for your needs for tomorrow. Some of the many reasons which make us a great technology partner are:

  • One stop vendor

    We provide you complete range of solutions from web to mobile to software. Find the right solutions for your every complex and simplest need at Dev Technosys because we love technology.

  • team scalability

    You get to scale up your team at any time of throughout the development process, as we completely understand how your needs change with time. Thus customize the team as per your needs.

  • knowledge retention

    Knowledge retention helps you capture knowledge and use it further to annihilate business risks and elements that make your business operations vulnerable to loss. Find service that ensure high knowledge retention by keeping up with modern technology.

  • dedicated working environnment

    Find the right resources and expert’s knowledge and experience that makes us provide you right solutions for your needs. Find a resourceful and dedicated environment that makes your development highly secure.


We are creative, innovative and masters of technology, we are everything your next project needs. Find high-end and brilliantly designed eLearning Solutions that contribute into your noble dream while enhancing your student experience to gain better from education.

Online eLearning

Feature-rich and interactive web portal development that becomes a hassle-free eLearning platform you your students and channelize an efficient learning system between you and your students.

Remote Learning Websites

Remote learning enables better learning opportunities for your students while providing you ease of functionality while providing you solutions of live video streaming and live chats.

Institute Management Software

Make learning better in one single go allow us to elevate your students learning experiences by keeping track on their attendance, course, your staff, payroll etc in one single admin panel.

Virtual Classroom Solutions

Virtual Classrooms help you provide your students the feel of classroom and making them comfortable at the same time, also it allows you to provide them the right tools and study material at home itself.

Web Applications/Portal

Feature-rich and smart web application and web portal development solutions for institutes, schools, colleges, rendering you your staff and student management needs.

Online Examination Portal

Secure and responsive online examination portal development that makes it easy for you to test your student’s capability on an advance system; that is efficient, more effective.

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