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React Native Development Company

Hire React Native Developer from Dev Technosys for leveraging expert cross platform app development solutions for android and iOS devices. With years of continuous efforts and urge to be the epitome of technology, Dev Technosys has come forth as an exemplary company providing quintessential react native app development solutions. One such cordon is our React Native Development, where we provide state-of-the-art development solutions by expert React Native developers, providing robust React Native Mobile App development running seamlessly on next-gen iOS and Android devices.

Our React Native Development Services

Dev Technosys provides react native development solutions rendered by professionals with proven techniques and high-quality, result-oriented resources. Find every bit of perfection in our Mobile App development services where we help you gain productive solutions that advance from our in-depth research and knowledge of technology. We work on making your ideas more practical by nurturing it with technology while choosing our resources wisely to make things fix like puzzle-pieces. Thus, we help you not just to make things work but we help you in making your business win every business battle.

If you are one of those visionary businesses that believe in the power of responsive mobile app developments, React Native it is. React Native Development ensures power-packed development of mobile applications with unbeatable UI’s.

Serving its purpose, React Native is an effective and dependable technology that helps us in creating Feature-rich Hybrid Apps even for the business models that are very challenging and demanding. Hire react developer now to explore the power of React Native on your next projects.

Modern world thrives on functionality, performance and responsiveness and React Native rules it all, apart from being one of the most trusted cross-platform mobile app development platforms React Native has proven benefits such as swift development, good community support, reusable codes etc.

React Native is a very versatile development language and thus is serving complex roles such as Plug-in development, API development etc. Find expert React Native developer with years of knowledge of creating amazing app experiences by using React Native while ensuring great user-engagement.

With modular-interactive architect, and a language adorned with modern developer tools React Native is globally entrusted for developing amazing Server-side API’s that are very performance driven, scalable and easy to maintain. Thus, hire expert React developer at Dev Technosys for enjoying every niche of react native benefits on your next projects.

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GPS Integration

Get in talks with React Developers now and flaunt an expertly designed and integrated GPS system in your cross platform mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. We help you design a GPS system that helps in performing complex functions like nearby solutions, notification shout-outs, app orientation, push notification and much more.

BLE Integration

Android and iOS being the hub of wearable devices it is important that you bejewel your cross platforms with BLE integration. BLE is something which is lot more advance than the usual Bluetooth, where it renders amazing app performance while not eating up the battery. So next time you plan a wearable app development, hire us to leverage the power of this cool new technology.

Custom API Integration

‘Feature-intensive’ we call our React Native Development, we help you customize your apps more by providing you an expert custom API development and integration into your cross platform applications. We help you thus in customizing your applications while making your app experience more dynamic and intuitive.

Third Party App Integration

There is lot more behind the screen work when it comes mobile app development. We help you build feature-rich mobile applications that work seamlessly on various platforms and use third party app integrations to enhance app performance and functionality.

Audio/ Video Live Streaming

For entertainment based apps or social networking applications, we help you in integrating cool feature such as this one to enhance a user experience on your cross platform applications. With the power of React Native Development and our react native developer’s knowledge we help you make a chart-busting social media, music application.

mBaaS Integration

Reducing the usual time taken to build you a mobile application we use our developer knowledge and technical know-how’s to give you the taste of high-quality development. We help you build rich applications for iOS and Android devices while using mBaaS services that make your app development fast as it help us in binding backend elements efficiently with reduced coding.

Wearable Integration

If you have a app planned that can work wonders when integrated with wearable technology, look no more. Find expert wearable app development services and wearable integration in React Native Development to spice your cross platform applications a bit more.

MDN Integration

MDN Integration might not ring bell, but as a developer we know how important it is. It is Mozilla’s Open Solution for user identity which is used in different app ecosystems and requires no triggering action from the app developers. It helps in improving app experience as when integrated in hybrid app development it helps in authenticating app developers and users on Firefox Marketplace that is used for app sync process.

Payment Gateway Integration

When it comes to enhancing user experience, Dev Technosys can help you get through. Find amazing feature integration options including multiple payment gateway integration which helps you in enhancing your user experience to ten folds on your mobile applications.

XMPP Chat Server Integration

IM or Instant Messaging is one of the most basic function of XMPP Chat Server Integration, other than that it provides an open standard communication protocol based on XML for message oriented middleware while providing an infallible messaging service on devices with different features and operating systems. It is a great help when we create cross platforms apps and hybrid apps.

Porting and Migration

We help you in evolving, from old or classic to more and more modern and dependable platforms. When it comes to porting and migrating we help you throughout the process by understanding simplest to most complex of your needs and then deciding solutions that will work in your favours. Technology and industrial knowledge as our strong hand we can help you in deciding a technology that works wonder for your business model, your budget and more importantly your reason behind the development. We have the expert developer team which helps you in smoothly migrating from one platform to another while providing you guidance in and after the development.

Beacon Integration

Beacon technology being born from the trusted name such as Apple helps you in raising user experience to next level by providing push notifications, directions, nearby suggestions, post-visit engagements and much more. It is also useful in providing reliable analytics while providing you an upper hand by providing you reliable analytics on your potential user’s behaviour.

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